Following Jesus

There is good news for you today. You can receive the life you were made to live. A life full of love, satisfaction, purpose, joy, meaning, security, forgiveness, peace and more. Let us explain.

The Problem: cheap substitutes
The problem with cheap substitutes is that they usually break. Every one of us has tried to find our own reason to live within us and in the things that we do and say, but we were made by God for God. In the end, whatever we achieve, whatever comforts we enjoy, whatever religions we practice and whatever relationships we have they will prove to be no more than a cheap substitute. By replacing God’s role in our lives, we have all taken part in a revolt against Heaven. We find ourselves separated from our Maker and opposing His ways. We fool ourselves into thinking we can somehow find a way to our own form of nirvana, but we will never make it on our own. We will always fall short of realising the fullest version of ourselves.

The Solution: a substitute of infinite value
Step in Jesus. He was everything we haven't been able to be. A human being living according to God's 

purpose. He was the jewel of Heaven walking among ordinary people like us. On the cross, as Jesus was dying, He cried out with His last breath, “It is finished”. The payment was totally complete. Jesus was truly and fully a man, righteous in every way; our perfect representative. Jesus was also truly and fully God; the God who substituted Himself for us. We brought in cheap substitutes to replace God in our lives and God's response was to substitute Himself for us to pay the price of our revolt. The reason? Love. He loved you so much that He truly died so you could truly live.

The Result: eternity with your Maker
If you put your trust in Jesus, you abandon your old life of substituting God for cheap imitations and begin following His ways. In Him you have found the One who can really complete you. You have found eternal life and it begins now. He has invited you to call God “Father”, to live in God's Presence and to put your hope in His return to make you and everything else in this world as it should be. 

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